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I would just like point everyones attention to the set of links directly below Scam Snipers Profile picture. These are what use to be the pages "TABS". I have added several new ones to the list. Be sure to take the time to visit the page and explore what these links have to offer. Remember, Scam Sniper is more then just an update in your news feed.. ;)

Normal updates will resume in the morning everyone. There are a few older scams trying to make a come back. Such as: "The kid who was expelled" and "The losing respect for Miley Cyrus" survey scams. If you know someone who has fallen victim to them, please be sure to drop this link on your wall and in their feed..

For future reference please submit all links to possible scams or malicious items via my Scam Report form. We do not want people accidentally clicking on a link which will lead them to scams or malicious pages. Be sure to search first before submitting a new report. The report form page has a custom scam search built into it. If your submission is redundant it will be ignored and delete. Thank you.

WARNING FOR FARMVILLE PLAYERS! Stay away from the "I have some Gold to share with you!" SCAM. The fake message IMITATES a real Farmville message and may be hard to spot as a fake. The messages also appear to come from an app named "Farmville Latest", but transfers you to the "FarmVille Neighbors Club" facebook page. PLEASE SHARE this with your friends..

(IMPORTANT FOR ANDROID USERS) Free Android applications bundled up with malware have spilled over into the "Official Android Marketplace". According to Symantec, the malware in question can root the phone, harvest data and open backdoors - similar to the recent Geimini Trojan spotted lurking on third-party Chinese Android app markets.

A rogue application has caught Twitter users off their guard today. Thousands of people have been duped into clicking on links believing that they will see how many hours they have spent on Twitter. Unfortunately they just end up spamming their friends while being led to a survey scam.

Apparently a lot of facebook users are being hit by a wave of fresh iPad spam.

WARNING! You will NOT receive 100 FREE FACEBOOK CREDIT'S by giving away your accounts login information.

WARNING FOR FARMVILLE PLAYERS! Stay away from the "ENGLISH STARS SHEEP" SCAM. The message IMITATES a real Farmville message and may be hard to spot as a fake.. PLEASE SHARE this with your friends..

When I say "Application Request For Permission dialog" most people say: What? Since facebook is moving forward with allowing apps to have access to users phone numbers and home addresses I really suggest people take the time to learn what "What?" really is. Yes this is a fairly long article, but it teaches what those screens are, what they are "Supposed" to do and what it appears many apps are really doing..

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